9 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bees Nests

August 18, 2021

We are all aware of the critical roles bees play in our ecosystem. However, having bees around your residential or commercial property can be dangerous. Understanding how to get rid of bees nests is vital to any property owner. This article focuses on how to remove bees nest effectively from your home. But before indulging in that, let’s first look at why bees are important, then why it is necessary to remove them around your home.

Why Are Bees Important?

When most people think about bees in their homes, they do not feel positive about them. The first thing a person thinks is being stung. It is pretty understandable because no one likes being stung by a bee. Nevertheless, bees are essential in sustaining life on earth. They play a critical role in pollination, which is crucial in helping maintain our food production system. Other benefits of bees include:

  • Economic sustainability.
  • Improved biodiversity.
  • Medicinal benefits from honey.

So, are bees important? Yes! Yet, there comes a time you need to be wary of them.

Why Should You Remove Bees Nest?

  • Bee Stings – With bee nests near your home, the risk of bee stings increases for you, your family, and your pets. The stings can cause severe injuries or even death.
  • Allergy To Bees – If you are or have a family member allergic to bees, learning how to remove a bee nest can save you from complications arising from a simple bee sting.
  • Aggressive Bees – Bees usually become aggressive when protecting their nests. And also, if they do not get flowers to pollinate due to hot weather. It is, therefore, reasonable to look for ways to remove bees nest more effectively to avoid the aggression and injuries that may arise.

Now that we understand the importance of bees and the reasons to get rid of their nests, let’s now look at the most effective and simplest ways of removing bees nests from your home.

The Best Bee Hive Removal Techniques To Apply

There are various ways of removing bees nests. Some of them are natural, while others are artificial. Thus, before you pick a particular method, you need to be sure of the final results you want to attain.  Consider if you’re going to kill the bees or want them to move away and relocate to another habitat away from your home.  Here are the top methods you can apply:

1. Call A Bee Control Service

Professionals can handle bees safely and offer you long-lasting solutions. They can help remove bees nest without killing the inhabitants. With their vast knowledge of handling insects like bees, they can get rid of them from your residence and help them get a new dwelling. They do this by removing the honeycombs inside the beehive while ensuring that the queen bee is not agitated. The experts transfer the honeycombs to another hive away from your home with the queen safe inside. The other bees follow her to the new beehive automatically. The other great thing about working with a bee control service is that they use approved techniques and products to free your home from unwelcome bees.

2. Remove Bees Nest Using Spray

Spraying bees using the right products is another long-lasting solution to bee infestations in your home. When using sprays, you need to be aware that some kill bees, and you may not want this to happen due to their importance to the ecosystem. You can get many approved bee removal sprays to eliminate these insects without exterminating them.  Sprays work effectively during the night. So, as you plan to get rid of bees nests, do so when it is dark. Use a red flashlight in the process because bees cannot see this colour.

When using a red flashlight, you can see the bees, but they will not see you. You get an excellent opportunity to spray them more competently. A good bee spray should chase them away within a few hours. Therefore, if you notice some bees the following day, consider respraying. Repeat the process until your home is free of bees. When using sprays to remove bees nest, you should:

  • Read the instructions on the spray label. All sprays do not work the same way. As a result, make sure you get a bee spray adequate for your job.
  • If you are not sure about the type of bees on your property, you do not just spray them. It is advisable to involve a bee control service to determine the type of bees and the best spray to apply.

3. Removing Bees Nest Using Powder

Applying bee powder on the bee nest can also help eliminate undesirable bees from your home. The powder works in the same way with sprays meaning some powders can kill bees, which may not be your intention. Always seek help from a bee control service to help determine the best powder to apply in the process. As you use the powder, make sure you wear gloves to avoid contaminating your hands. Wear a helmet too to help you approach the bee nest safely and avoid stings. Besides, wear long socks to prevent bee stings on uncovered body parts.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Bees

There are several techniques to remove bees naturally from your home. The great thing about using basic home remedies is that they do not have side effects on people or the environment. They offer the perfect solutions to bee problems on your property.

4. Get Rid Of Bees Nests Using Vinegar

Vinegar works as a brilliant bee repellant. Vinegar can help in getting bees away from your home totally with no side effects involved. It is simple to make and also use in the process. The other advantage of using vinegar is that it repels bees rather than killing them. Vinegar works effectively in removing bee nests because of its foul smell that keeps bees away. You can use vinegar as a bee repellant in two ways:

  • Fill several water cans and put drops of vinegar into each of them. Place the water cans strategically near the bee nest. The foul smell keeps bees away from the nest, making them move away from your home.
  • Mix an equal amount of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Then, spray the nest while wearing protective clothing as you approach it. Note that the spray makes it hard for bees to fly and, at times, may kill them.

5. Design A Bee Trap

You can trap bees by luring them into a container they can enter but never escape. Commercial traps are explicitly made to trap unwanted bees, but the method used in designing them can be replicated using easy-to-find items in your home. Create a bee trap with a narrow entry into an ample space. To attract bees inside the trap, add a sweet solution. You can use natural sugar, artificial nectar, or maple syrup mixed with water.

Bees get attracted and enter through the small hole, then get trapped since they cannot escape from the container. A two-liter bottle can work effectively as a DIY bee trap.  Since your goal is to remove bees nest without killing the residents, you need to trap and set them free at another desirable location.

6. Remove Bees Nest Using Cucumbers

Cucumbers are also an effective home remedy to get rid of bees. Here is how to use them:

  • Slice cucumbers into small circular shapes.
  • Place them on an aluminium surface.
  • Then put them in a strategic point near the bee nest.

The aluminium surface and chopped cucumbers react, producing a scent that helps keep bees away. You can also peel the cucumbers and place the peels on the window. Bees do not like the smell emitted, making them keep away from your home.

7. Peppermint

Planting peppermint around your home can keep bees away wholly. The scent emitted by peppermint is strong, making bees and other insects uncomfortable. Another great way is to buy peppermint oil and dip pieces of cotton wool in the oil. Then, place them at strategic areas in your home or around the nest to keep away bees.

8. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a versatile spice that works effectively in bee hive removal. It produces a stench that bees cannot withstand. If the nest has a cinnamon smell, they will move away and look for another place to stay. You can chase them away by sprinkling on or near the hive. As you sprinkle, wear protective equipment since some bees may attack you once they smell the unfriendly smell from cinnamon. It takes a few days to have bees eliminated from your home. Cinnamon helps remove bee nests naturally and without killing any bee.

9. Get Rid Of Bees Nests Using Garlic Spray

Garlic produces a spicy, pungent smell that bees dislike. So, you can use it in removing bees nests efficiently since you already have this spice in your kitchen.

  • To create a strong repellant with garlic, you require two heads of garlic and half a cup of boiled water.
  • Mince or crush it finely and put it in hot water.
  • Give it a night for the mixture to seep.
  • Strain the mixture into a spray bottle and throw the big garlic pieces.
  • Spray the mixture on flowering plants to get rid of sources of food for bees. You can also spray directly to the hive while wearing protective clothing.

Protection And Precaution

When applying all the above techniques to get rid of bees nests, ensure you follow all protective measures. Bees can become aggressive instantly and attack you dangerously. Thus, it is advisable to wear protective clothing before you apply any method. Besides, as you deal with bees, only do so at night when they are sleeping. Better avoid confrontations that can lead to injuries through stings when you suddenly get attacked by an aggressive swarm of bees.

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