A Detailed Guide On Roach Droppings And What They Look Like

September 1, 2021

Nobody wants to look for cockroach droppings in their home, but this not-so-easy task can help you prevent diseases and infestation. Where there are roach droppings, you are almost always guaranteed to find their habitat. That simple discovery will give you an upper hand in controlling them.

If you can hold your nose till the end of this article, you’ll understand how and why you have roach droppings in your home. You will also learn how to get rid of the roaches and their droppings. Read on!

What Is Inside Roach Droppings?

Cockroach droppings consist of everything they consume: dead insects, rotting food from the garbage, food from your countertops, drawers, and cupboards. Their droppings vary in appearance depending on the size, species, and age of the roach. Did you know that cockroaches do not pee? It might not be a fun fact, but it’s a valuable tip to learn.

The Physical Appearance Of Roach Droppings

Roach droppings are black or dark-brown pellets. They are oval-shaped or roundish. However, if the infestation in your home is minimal, you will only notice stains and smears left on the surface when they crawl. If the infestation is full-blown, you can never miss the droppings, dead cockroach body parts, egg cases, and shells. What are the tell-tale signs that roaches leave behind?

1. Large Cockroach Droppings

Large cockroaches excrete large droppings, usually an inch long. The droppings are cylindrical and solid. If you take the time to look at the droppings closely, you will notice ridges running from one end to the other, making it look like fennel seed. However, do not confuse these droppings with mice’s which have a smooth surface.

2. Small Cockroach Droppings

Droppings from small roaches are different in both shape and size. Droppings from small species tend to be in the form of stains or black specks. They may resemble a grain of black pepper or ground coffee. The stains they leave behind are raised, smeared, and inky.

3. Baby Cockroach Droppings

Baby cockroaches are also known as nymphs. They excrete similar droppings to adults but are smaller in size. Large cockroach nymphs excrete small, round droppings with ridges, while small nymphs excrete small black or brown specks.

Mice Droppings Vs Roach Droppings

Do you have mice in your house as well? If yes, then you are probably wondering how you can tell whether the droppings you found on your terrace last week belong to a mouse or a roach? If you have mice and cockroach poop pictures, here is what you will notice at first glance. Other than cockroach droppings being smaller than mice droppings, they are also rough with ridges because mice faeces are mostly smooth.

The other difference to look out for is that mouse droppings are pointed at both ends while roach droppings are blunt. Sometimes mice droppings have fur from their body stuck, which obviously lacks in roach droppings.

Do Roach Droppings Have A Smell?

Roach droppings, just like most other types of poop stink. It has an acrid odour that serves a purpose for other roaches. The odour gives other roaches a trail to follow to find each other. The smell may be bad for you but attractive to other roaches.

Where To Look For Roach Droppings

Roaches defecate anywhere anytime. They do not have specific places like humans, but there are some predictable places that they are more likely to defecate. Roaches always defecate in congested areas, their nests and near their source of food.

Sadly, they can also defecate in your food since it is their food source as well. This will contaminate your food and aid in the spread of diseases. You can find cockroach droppings almost everywhere they scurry to. Here are the common places you can see their droppings:

  • Cabinets, shelves, doors, and other high areas that provide hidden passage
  • In corners and baseboards in a room
  • Children’s toy chests and playpens
  • Most of the cracks on walls and floors
  • Storage areas such as boxes and drawers
  • Behind and underneath stoves, dryers, sinks, washers and refrigerator

Is It Possible To Find Roach Droppings But No Roaches?

The answer is yes. You can find droppings from cockroaches who once lived in your house but are now dead or in a new location. Unless you clean the droppings or another cockroach eats it, it will just decay slowly for a long time.

One way to determine if you have a cockroach infestation is to clean all droppings you find and monitor if more appear. If your house remains droppings-free, then you probably do not have an infestation. However, if you notice more droppings, it means you have roaches to exterminate.

Why You Should Look For Roach Droppings

Cockroach droppings, body parts, cast-off skins, and saliva have been acknowledged as asthma triggers and increase the severity of asthma. However, if that is not reason enough to look for roach droppings, you should know that they are also a catalyst for roach infestation by attracting other roaches with the odour.

Pest management experts use the above knowledge to poison the roaches. They place baits at different places near roach droppings to attract the cockroaches to the poison. The more they respond to the pheromone, the more they die. Aside from that, do you want your pets and children to come into contact with roach droppings?

How Do You Get Rid Of Roach Droppings?

Cleaning cockroach droppings is no one’s idea of having a good time, but for your family’s safety and health, you’ll be glad you did it. Cleaning all the stains and smears with hot water and soap only removes the droppings and the acrid smell. Keep in mind that there are several places that you cannot reach or clean, such as the inside of your walls. Below are some valuable tips on how to get rid of roach droppings.

1. Wear Protective Clothing

You don’t have to break your bank buying protective clothing to get to work as old clothes are perfect for the job. Moreover, don’t forget a pair of gloves. To reduce exposure to allergens, put on a respirator or a face mask.

2. Vacuum All Surfaces In Your House

Vacuum all surfaces to remove the accumulated dry roach droppings. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter so as not to stir up allergens. If you do not have one, soak the droppings in disinfectant and use a towel to wipe it up.

3. Cleaning Methods

Different places with roach droppings will require different methods of cleaning. Here is the breakdown:

  • Wall, Flooring, Cabinets, and Tiles – Choose a disinfectant that is safe for the area you are washing. Spray the surface and scrub the droppings.
  • Carpet – For a carpet, you first have to perform the first vacuum to remove any droppings. Next, use a carpet detergent or cleaning solution made up of vinegar, soap, and water. Scrub the solution in the carpet and allow it to dry. Once it is dry, vacuum your carpet one last time.
  • Clothes – If you find any droppings on your clothes, you should first scrape them off, treat the stain, and then wash the cloth with warm water and soap.
  • Mattress – Just as you did with your clothes, the first step is to scrape off the droppings, spray the stained area with a mix of soap, warm water, and disinfectant and scrub with a rough sponge. Spray with clean water and rinse the foam out. Finally, air-dry your mattress.

Disposal Of Roach Droppings

Since roach droppings are unhealthy, you will want to get rid of anything in contact with it. When you have finished the cleaning, throw away the work clothes, gloves, rags, and vacuum bags in a sealed trash bag.

What Should You Do To Prevent A Roach Infestation?

Even if you do not have a full-blown infestation, roach droppings are not a good thing to have around. Can you get sick from roach droppings? Yes, you can. Moreover, roaches are good breeders and can therefore be found in almost all homes.

To prevent a roach infestation, you should contact pest control specialists for effective treatment to rid your home of these pests and stop multiplication. We have dedicated Adelaide pest control and Gold Coast pest control offices ready to help right now.

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