Ant Control


The Pest Aid ant control team in Adelaide are highly trained in elimination of all species of ants.

After a thorough survey of the property to assess the infestation levels, species present and source of the problem, the Pest Aid ant control team will tailor make a systematic search and destroy program to eliminate the problem and provide advice for ongoing control.

The ant control service often requires the application of gel baits and granules in areas where kids and other animals cannot access, insecticidal dusts into roof spaces and wall cavities, direct nest injection and barrier sprays in cracks and crevices are the most common ways we will deal with your ant problems.

Ant societies have divisions of labour, communication between individuals, and an ability to solve complex problems. These parallels with human societies have long been an inspiration and subject of study. Many human cultures make use of ants in cuisine, medication, and rituals. Ants can damage crops and invade buildings. Some species, such as the red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta), are regarded as invasive species, establishing themselves in areas where they have been introduced accidentally.

Pest Aid are the ant control experts in Adelaide.

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