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Ants aren’t just a nuisance, they can also do some serious damage. If you’ve discovered an infestation in your home or at the workplace, it’s time to call Pest Aid, your local ant pest control specialist. 

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Ant pest control treatments

Signs of an ant infestation

Live ants: the most obvious sign of an ant problem is seeing them. A few here and there isn’t concerning, but when you see hundreds, that’s when you know you need to call the ant removal experts. 

Ant nest: ant nests are usually small-medium sized mounds of soil or dirt. However, there are some species of ants that prefer to make nests in walls or other quiet places. 


How to get rid of ants

If you’ve just discovered an ant infestation at your home or business, booking an ant removal treatment is the best way to get rid of those critters for good. If left untreated, more nests will form and you’ll see them marching in, around and outside of your property. 

How to book an ant control treatment online:

  • Head to our online booking system
  • Click on “single specified pest treatment” (if you only need an ant treatment)
  • Enter in your contact details 
  • Choose “ant” as the pest you want treated
  • Add in some details like the size of the property, the areas you want treated etc.
  • Book a time and date

Common ant species

Black house ant

These are your most common type of ant, and are often found scavenging for food in kitchens and the garbage. The best way to control these ants is to find the colony and treat it.

Fire ant

Fire ants are small, but dangerous. If their nest is disturbed, they’ll swarm and can inflict very painful stings to humans. If you discover a fire ant infestation, call a professional ant pest control specialist right away.

Bull ants

Bull ants are a very aggressive species of ant and are typically known for their painful sting. They mostly nest outdoors in soil and under logs/rocks as well as in bushy areas.

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