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No one situation is the same, based on a comprehensive evaluation of your property, with over 28 years on the job experience the Pest Aid Adelaide bird control team will create a bird control solution using the right mix of approaches and products. Pest Aid Adelaide bird control includes trapping, baiting, proofing, netting, spiking and shooting.

Birds like the architecture of Adelaide nesting in places like the eaves, roofs, gutters, vents and other places around your home. In order to create the perfect nesting area they dig holes in roofs and can get into roof spaces and other spaces.

Bird droppings can corrode house siding, other types of metal or the paint off of cars. Bird droppings make sidewalks and driveways slippery and just generally ruin the look of your home. Feral birds in Adelaide can make a huge mess on pavement, patios and stored goods.

Birds are responsible for large amounts of economic loss in Adelaide warehouses and other commercial premises as they deficate on stored goods.

Plus, there are health risks thanks to the parasites such as bird lice that many of them carry, and from the droppings. Some of the diseases attributed to birds include:

  • Salmonella – often called food poisoning, the bacteria is found in bird droppings which can dry and become dusty and then get sucked into air vents to end up on food or in water.
  • E.Coli – sometimes birds eat material from cow manure and that creates the risk of e.coli transmission through bird droppings that end up in water supplies or food.
  • Fungal infections – such as histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis that can affect the lungs or the heart of those infected and are primarily transmitted by seagulls.
  • St. Louis Encephalitis – an inflammation of the nervous system that can actually lead to coma and death.

Pest Aid are the Bird Control Experts in Adelaide.

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