Brown Cockroach Identification And Prevention

August 18, 2021

Brown cockroaches are a small-bodied but highly invasive cockroach species. They got their name thanks to their dark brown bodies and light brown wings.

What Does A Brown Roach Look Like?

Brown roaches are characterised by two light brown wings running across their dark brown bodies. They are two inches long, making them smaller compared to most other cockroach species. But like every other cockroach, they have an oval shape with two long antennae and six legs. Male roaches grow whole wings reaching the end of their abdomens. Females have underdeveloped wings that make it hard for them to fly and are darker than males. With their brown colour, brown cockroach blend perfectly into furniture and cabinets.

Brown Cockroach Lifespan

Brown roaches can live for up to 206 days and reproduce at higher rates than other roach species. Females lay around fourteen egg capsules throughout their life. Every capsule contains ten to eighteen eggs, making the population of these “brownies” grow at an alarming rate.

Habitat And Behaviour

Every part of your home can be a shelter for these cockroaches. Think of bathrooms, behind picture frames and kitchen cabinets, among other places. Brown cockroaches are small and nocturnal, which can make it challenging to detect them. But you can still see them moving around during the day. They thrive in drier areas. And when they get threatened, the males fly while the females will run since they cannot fly.

Signs Of Brown Cockroach Infestation In Your Home

  • Keep in mind that it could be challenging to spot this kind of roach because its brown colour matches the surroundings.
  • One indication of an infestation is the droppings roaches leave behind. The droppings look like black smears or specks and are prevalent where cockroaches spend most of their time.
  • Yellowish egg cases laid by the females are another sign. They are 5 mm long and commonly found under the furniture. After some time, the embryos developing inside the eggs become more visible.
  • The sight of brown roaches roaming around your house is a significant sign. Once you see a single brown cockroach, the chances are high that there are many others. Therefore, an immediate cockroach inspection needs to be done.

Threats Posed By Smoky Brown Roaches

Brown cockroaches are notorious for causing a range of health problems. Their tiny bodies are a hub of disease-causing pathogens. Roaches carry germs on their legs as they crawl on sewage and other dirty matter. They then bring all that dirt into food leading to the contamination that can cause dysentery and cholera. Roaches are also carriers of allergens that can trigger asthma attacks and severe allergies, especially in kids. Some of the allergic reactions include sneezing, itchy eyes and running nose.

Brown Cockroach Diet

No food is off-limits for brown cockroaches as they feed on almost everything, even other species of roaches. They love eating stuff with high levels of starch, particularly book bindings and wallpaper glue. Besides their usual diet of boxes and leftovers, cockroaches are known to eat fingernails and eyelashes. With their weird eating habits, you can easily see why they can infest any part of your home.

How To Manage Smoky Brown Roaches The Natural Way

Here are some natural ways to repel and even eliminate roaches that are invading your dwelling:

  1. Boric Acid

Mix equal amounts of sugar, boric acid and flour to create a dough. Make small dough balls and set them around your house. Brown roaches will gladly feast on the sugar and flour, but the boric acid will kill them within a few minutes. However, it would be best to be careful since boric acid can severely affect your pets and kids.

  1. Fabric Softener

Fabric softener is an excellent repellant because cockroaches hate its smell. In a spray bottle, mix the softener with water, then treat all the areas you will likely find brown cockroaches.

  1. Eliminate Smoky Brown Roaches With Fresh Coffee Grounds

Brown cockroaches are caffeine addicts despite it being toxic to them. Place coffee grounds where there is roach activity. They will get attracted to the caffeine but die later on because of the toxicity.

  1. Sugar And Baking Soda

This mixture works exactly as boric acid. Even better, it is safe for pets and kids. Mix an equal amount of sugar and baking soda, then sprinkle anyplace you have spotted brown roaches. The sugar will attract them, while baking soda ends their life.

  1. Onion, Cayenne And Garlic Powder

Brown cockroach detest the smell of spices. Sprinkle the spicy powder around the house to repel roaches.

  1. Essential Oils For Brown Cockroach Extermination

Oils like mint, clove and tea tree come in handy in getting rid of roaches. Mix one of the oils with water and spray the resulting mixture where you frequently spot cockroaches.

When To Call A Brown Roaches Control Service

For effective brown cockroaches management, consider hiring a professional pest control service. Professionals will visit your home regularly to ensure that it is roach-free. With their expertise and quality products and techniques, you can rest assured of getting a long-lasting solution to your cockroach problem.

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