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Ask anyone, and they’ll say a cockroach infestation is the very last kind of infestation that you want. Cockroaches aren’t only a menace, they’re also carriers of disease that can pose serious risks to humans and animals—and they’re notoriously difficult to get rid of. If you discover the first signs of cockroaches, act fast and book in cockroach pest control.

As a family-owned pest control company, we understand you want to keep your family safe from cockroaches. So, if you’re looking for “cockroach treatment near me”, look no further!

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Cockroach pest control treatments

Signs of a cockroach infestation

Cockroaches prefer dark, moist places to hide and breed (which is why they’re often found behind fridges, sinks or stoves). And because they can flatten their bodies, they can squeeze underneath mats or within wall crevices. If you start to see any of the below signs, there is a chance you might have a cockroach infestation:

  • Cockroach eggs (found behind furniture or hidden locations, like nooks or crannies)
  • Adult and baby cockroaches are visible
  • Cockroach droppings (for smaller roaches, their droppings look like coffee grounds or black pepper, for bigger roaches, they look cylindrical)
  • Unpleasant odours (some species emit an unpleasant smell)

How do you get rid of an infestation of cockroaches?

If you have an infestation of cockroaches, book a cockroach removal service ASAP. This will ensure the quick and effective eradication of the cockroaches as well as prevent any future infestations. At Pest Aid, we use a combination of the following pest removal treatments:

  • Baits
  • Residual insecticides
  • Glue traps

How to book a cockroach pest control treatment online:

  • Head to our online booking system
  • Click on “single specified pest treatment” (if you only need a cockroach treatment)
  • Enter in your contact details
  • Choose “cockroach” as the pest you want treated
  • Add in some details like the size of the property, the areas you want treated etc.
  • Book a time and date

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