Do Moths Eat Clothes ?

July 26, 2022

Do moths eat clothes?

Do Moths eat clothes ? The simple answer here is no, however, the moth’s larvae are the ones that do the damage to your clothes in both South Australia and the Gold Coast.

Before they hatch into adults the moth larvae will need to eat, and they have a very specific diet . They prefer organic materials containing keratin such as wool, silk, fur and cashmere are common targets, they will commonly avoid synthetic materials such as polyester, spandex and nylon.

Do all moth larvae eat clothes?

There are many species of moths living in the South Australia and the Gold Coast but not all of them have an appetite for your clothes.

The most common moth / larvae is Tineola bisselliella, simply known as ‘the webbing case making clothes moth’ or the ‘clothes moth’.

Do moths live in my clothes?

Clothes moth larvae can lay up to 1,000 eggs, they choose to produce their larvae in the middle of your wardrobe, The moths like to do their business in dark, warm conditions. They lay their eggs in places where they won’t be disturbed.

Are clothes moths attracted to moisture ? 

YES, the climate in South Australia and the Gold Coast are ideal for clothes moth infestations.

Clothes moth larvae are particularly attracted to moist clothes including dirty or wet clothes that need to be washed. Meaning that adult clothes moths will lay eggs on wet dirty clothes which do not usually susceptible to attack.

How to treat and prevent clothes moth infestation in Adelaide and the Gold Coast?

Clothes moth larvae are often difficult to spot until a severe infestation is present, It’s most important to take steps to prevent clothes moth infestations.

  • Don’t store damp or dirty clothes – Dirty / soiled damp clothing are highly attractive to clothes moths moths, ensure all clothes are clean and dry before they are stored away.
  • Clothes moth sticky traps – Are a great way to detect early infestations of case making clothes moths, the pheromone in the glue traps attract the adult clothes moths for identification and early detection.

If an infestation is detected, the best way to deal with a clothes moths infestation is to call in the moth professionals. Pest Aid are the trained pest control experts in Adelaide and the Gold Coast to resolve an infestation of clothes moths. Our trained experts will also provide advice and assistance to prevent future issues.

Get moth experts in to help

At Pest Aid, we provide a dedicated clothes moth control service to residential and commercial properties across Adelaide & Gold Coast and the surrounding areas. From treatment of clothes moths to preventive programs to prevent clothes moth infestations from occurring, our expert team is armed and ready for action, to ensure your home or business are free of clothes moths.

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