Everything You Need To Know About Baby Termites

March 18, 2022

Termites are a nightmare for any homeowner, often causing thousands of dollars in damage each year. As adults, the signs of termites are pretty clear. But what about baby termites? What do they look like and do they cause any damage? To help you spot them, we’ve rounded up and answered all your common questions below. And if you’ve discovered baby termites in your home, contact the Pest Aid termite pest control team today.

What do baby termites look like?

Baby termites look similar to adult termites. The only significant difference is that they are paler in colour and smaller in size, resembling tiny ants. They feature straight antennae, a thick waist and have a tell-tale whitish pigment. As termite babies develop, they get darker and larger. Seeing these tiny termites on your property signals a potential termite infestation.

The lifecycle of baby termites

A baby termite comes to life with the hatching of an egg. Egg production starts slowly and increases rapidly with time. Laid eggs are white in colour and will hatch usually into termite nymphs. Once hatched, a termite baby moves to a nursery chamber where it is fed and groomed.

It takes several months for a termite nymph to grow fully. The growth period is determined by several factors like temperature, food availability, and the population of the colony. With fewer young termites, growing up becomes easier and faster because there is less competition for resources.

As much as baby termites may not wreak havoc on your home, they can and will when they’re fully grown. Knowing the early signs of a termite infestation is critical in keeping your property free of termite damage. That’s why we recommend performing regular termite inspections so you can spot the problem early on. Working with a proficient pest control company is always the surest way to safeguard your property from termite babies.

What do baby termites eat?

Baby termites are unable to feed themselves, so they must get fed by worker termites. Worker termites venture out and consume wood cellulose and secret a fluid that is then fed to their babies. Once fully grown, babies that turn into queen or king termites will continue to eat the secreted wood cellulose, however others will begin to eat wood from the source.

How do you get rid of baby termites?

Eliminating termites in their baby phase before they mature is the most effective way of dealing with a termite infestation. And here is how to do so:

1. Apply Nematodes

Nematodes are roundworms that kill termites. The worms have gut bacteria, making them an excellent natural insecticide. When a nematode enters a baby termite’s body, it poisons the host’s blood, killing it. Nematodes are readily available in gardening stores and safe for plants, pets, and humans. Once released, nematodes breed and continue to grow in number, keeping termites at bay. Expect positive results within three days of application.

Though there are multiple ways of using beneficial nematodes, the easiest method involves mixing the nematodes in water and spraying the mixture on termite-infested areas once a day using a spray bottle. The water seeps into the wood, spreading the nematodes right where the termites are. Before using nematodes, check if they are explicitly made for termite control as there are different types of nematodes.

2. DIY methods

Once you exterminate the adults, you will have gotten rid of termite babies as well. For simple do-it-yourself termite control, use homemade repellents such as vinegar and orange oil. An even better approach is using store-bought options, including boric acid, perimeter barriers, and diatomaceous earth.

3. Call the professionals

Pest control companies effectively manage young termites on properties. They detect, eliminate and prevent termite infestations using tested and proved procedures and products. Their vast experience gives them an edge over do-it-yourselfers in combating nasty creatures like termites.

Found baby termites in your home?

Termites cause stress for many homeowners, that’s why pest control companies are here to help! At Pest Aid, we have over 25 years of experience in the termite control industry with the latest technology. Pest Aid provides affordable and eco-friendly solutions that are safe for your home and family. And once we have successfully eliminated colonies, we conduct regular routine monitoring to ensure your house is safe.

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