What should I do if I find termites in my home or on my property?

If possible put everything back as you found it and CALL OUR TERMITE RESPONSE TEAM IMMEDIATELY ON 08 7123 0840. We will discuss termite control options and the entire process which can be implemented immediately.

We highly recommend NOT to disturb termites if found, too much disruption can push the termites into more concealed areas and delay our baiting and elimination process.

DON’T spray them with ANYTHING such as fly spray or insect sprays, this also causes issues with treatment and elimination.

What method is more effective, spraying or baiting?

Our years of experience shows us that termite baiting and eliminating the colony is far more effective than chemical barrier sprays that have little or no effect on the colony, leaving it to re attack as soon as it finds a weak point in the chemical barrier. Call the Pest Aid TERMITE RESPONSE TEAM ON 08 7123 0840.

Do termite baiting and monitoring stations attract termites to my home?

NO, termites randomly forage through soil looking for a food source in a wide spread pattern. The Pest Aid Adelaide termite control stations are designed to act as an early warning system to detect the presence of termite activity. CALL OUR TERMITE RESPONSE TEAM IMMEDIATELY ON 08 7123 0840.

Can termites bypass the monitoring stations?

The failure rate of the Pest Aid Termite Adelaide baiting and monitoring system is VERY LOW. The unique pre baited termite stations emit CO2 and mimic decaying timber which is a termites preferred food source. This greatly reduces the risk of termites missing the stations.

If my house is built on a concrete slab, am I safe from termite attacks?

The answer in most cases is no. Most concrete slab homes are very susceptible to termite entry and attack in areas such as construction joins, slab edges and plumbing penetration, not to mention construction faults.

If I have black ants around my property, am I safe?

NO, this is an old wives tale. Whilst black ants often attack some termites, this has very little, if any, effect on the colony. Termites are very good at defending themselves. BEST YOU CALL OUR TERMITE RESPONSE TEAM IMMEDIATELY ON 08 7123 0840 TO DISCUSS TERMITE INSPECTIONS AND TERMITE CONTROL.

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