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We are the leading possum pest control service. At Pest Aid, we understand the unique challenges possums present in urban environments. Our dedicated team of possum control experts in Adelaide and the Gold Coast is committed to providing humane and effective solutions to manage and control possum populations in your area.

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    Licensed and Insured Possum Control Experts

    All our possum control technicians are fully trained in all aspects of possum proofing & control. Pest Aid is a fully insured company.

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    Local possum controllers

    Pest Aid is 100% Australian owned and operated possum control company, we employ locals with local possum control knowledge.

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    All our possum control services are 100% guaranteed, we won't stop until the possums are gone.

The Possum Challenge

Possums, although protected nocturnal marsupials, can become problematic when they adapt to urban settings. Their tendency to inhabit roofs and cavities of buildings due to loss of natural habitats leads to several issues, from noise disturbances to potential damage to property. At Pest Aid, we tackle these challenges head-on with our expert possum control methods.

 Issues Caused by Possums

Possums can create several problems in urban areas, including:

  • Staining ceilings with urine, leading to potential hygiene issues.
  • Chewing on timber and electrical wiring, posing fire hazards.
  • Leaving droppings on walkways, creating slip hazards.


It’s time to call in the Possum Control Experts

Why Choose Pest Aid?

  • Local Expertise: We understand the specific possum species and challenges in Adelaide and the Gold Coast.
  • Humane Methods: Our removal techniques respect the protected status of possums.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Beyond possum control, we offer additional pest control services to prevent other pests from occupying the vacated spaces.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our focus is on delivering effective, long-term solutions with exceptional customer service – be it our possum control solutions or other pests like birds, cockroaches, bees, bed bugs and more.

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Don’t let possums disrupt your peace and safety – contact Pest Aid, your local experts in possum pest control in Adelaide and the Gold Coast. Request an online quote and let us provide you with the effective, humane possum control solutions you need.

Pest Aid – Your Ally in Responsible and Effective Possum Control.




  • 5 Steps to Possum Control

    See the Pest Aid 5 steps to a possum free home.

  • Possum removal via one way exits

    Check out this possum exiting the roof space via our unique one way exit door.

  • Possum removal via live cage traps

    See this brushtail possum caught in the cage.


Have more than one pest problem? Let the experts at Pest Aid take care of it for you. Whether you’ve got a termite infestation, or cockroaches infestation in your kitchen. Pest Aid have you covered.


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We understand that dealing with pests can be stressful. That's why we offer a convenient and speedy service. You can book our services online or get expert advice and bookings at 139 007. We offer appointments from 6am - 6pm and promise a 15-minute call back if you enquire online. We also provide digital service reports with photo evidence and offer credit card payment options in all service vehicles.