How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

September 1, 2021

With the restriction of movement, thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic, many professionals have been forced to work from home while students undertake online classes from home. It, therefore, implies that the house should be as comfortable as possible. Not only do pests destroy your property, but they also pose a health hazard to the inhabitants. Many homeowners experiencing problems with pests have to contend with unprecedented repair costs and health bills. They then ask themselves, “How much is a pest control service?” Well, the cost of pest control depends on several factors. It is essential to look at such factors before you choose a pest control method.

Pest Control Is Highly Dependent On The Size Of The Home

A home consisting of a compound, a few trees, and an organic fence implies that there will be many unwanted guests. Hence, higher pest control costs. This is because there is a lot of work to be done. For instance, slashing grass, trimming hedges, and other pest control activities. The scope of work is even greater when a big house like a mansion is involved.

There are many rooms to scan for the pests; thus, heftier pest extermination costs. However, the pest control services are worth the money as such a large setting tends to house many problems compared to an apartment. Pest control services in a smaller home, say an apartment, are restricted to the interior as such pest control costs in such set-ups are minimal.

Geographical Location Also Affects Pest Control Costs

So, how much is pest control when taking into account your geographical location? Well, for instance, a home next to a river, forest, or bushes is highly susceptible to pests that stray away from the woods and the bushes. As pests increase in the forest habitat, they gradually creep on nearby human settlements, seeking shelter even inside people’s homes. In these kinds of environments, homeowners incur higher pest control costs. In contrast, urban homes experience relatively lower pests’ invasions, hence lower pest control costs.

Types Of Pests Also Matter

The price of pest control depends a lot on the type of pests. Some pests like bed bugs require mainly chemical control. The investment in chemicals for controlling bed bugs implies higher pest control costs. Other pests such as ants need physical engagements; hence more labour is required while relying less on the chemicals. Therefore the lower pest extermination costs. Pests like wasps and bees require the expertise of a professional pest exterminator, of course, dressed in safety gear. In some areas, this kind of expertise is only the preserve of elite pest extermination companies.

These companies charge exorbitant prices for their services, hence a higher pest control pricing list. Also, different pests deal different types of damage hence the variance in the pest control prices list. For instance, carpenter ants deal significant damage as they cut “galleries” into the wood in the house. Apart from the fact that they can be confused for termites, their habitat makes it difficult to exterminate them. As such, special equipment may come in handy.

In this case, the price of pest control may be high. Also, pests such as ticks have high endurance, as they can stay up to 500 days without food. Thus, these types of pests may prove challenging to exterminate. Pests such as crickets and cockroaches are very destructive as they can eat almost anything available.  While considering the factors mentioned above, people still ask why pest control is so expensive. Overall, pest control costs are still high, and it is vital to look at the reasons why pest control is costly.

Transportation Is Not Cheap

The cost of gas is ever soaring, so is car insurance. These items are enormous expenses, hence the need for increasing the pest control services prices. Additionally, the exterminators may inadvertently end up in an accident. Thus the resulting cost has to be factored into the pest control pricing list. Traffic snarl-up in the cities is also a contributor to high fuel usage; this results in higher operational costs, which must be included in the pest control prices list to mitigate losses.

Besides, the job of pest extermination can take you to any part of the country, from the leafy suburbs to urban homes and rentals to remote ranches. In the case of remote farms, the roads there are poorly maintained and have many potholes. These potholes destroy the fleet vehicles; thus, they impose additional operational costs in car repairs and maintenance. These transportation costs contribute to the already soaring pest control costs.

Quality And Experience Are Valuable

When searching for pest control experts, it is vital to remember that you are not just paying for the chemicals; you are paying for the expertise. Anyone can head to the local store and buy chemicals. Anyone can walk around with spray and throw poison around; it’s not that hard. It is true; spraying these pests on your own indeed saves you money. There is also the fulfilment that comes with dealing with the pests yourself; you feel productive and quite unstoppable, right?

Well, pests are a very stubborn lot. They don’t just go away. And some like spiders are dangerous to deal with. The issue is not entirely about having the right chemicals and gear; the problem is that we do not know how to use these chemicals and toxins effectively. As much as we may be productive, we are ineffective; we lack the pre-requisite knowledge to use the chemicals correctly. Professional pest exterminators have studied and trained hard to get licensed.

Even after licensing, these professionals still have to continue training to cope with the highly dynamic nature of pest control and how to use advanced equipment. Pest control is not an easy job; it is a practice. A pest control professional should have accumulated some years behind the position to get an accurate idea of being effective. Therefore, while calling that premium pest control company, remember that these guys have worked hard to attain their licenses; they mean business.

Everyone Cannot Afford Continuous Certifications And Licenses

A pest control business must be registered and licensed by the state for them to operate. Besides, the exterminators themselves have to be licensed separately. Additionally, pest control professionals must attain set points annually to maintain their certification. There are set objectives they must achieve for them to maintain their charter. These objectives are usually quality-oriented; emphasis is placed on the quality of delivery and customer satisfaction rather than the number of customers served.

Aside from quality delivery, some insurances and bonds are necessary for a pest control business to qualify for the requisite licenses. The pest control profession takes itself seriously; it is a serious business to use all those chemicals and toxins around humans and pets. Every signature in those insurance policies and certificates has a price tag attached to it; the more the certifications, the longer the pest control pricing list.


Pest control management is an earnest business just like medicine, law, and engineering. The pest control industry is more than just sprays; there is much more into pest control than meets the eye. As such, homeowners should be aware that they are not just paying for the chemicals and the right gear; they are paying for the knowledge and experience. While generating the pest control prices list, pest control professionals have to consider many factors beyond crude labour.

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