How To Get Rid Of Huntsman Spiders

October 3, 2021

Experts in the field may assure you that huntsman spiders pose little danger to humans. However, they do not appear endearing to quite a number of people. Indeed, you may not want them in your home, house, and car. Below are a few useful guidelines on how to get rid of huntsman spiders. But before that, the article describes the size, diet, eating habits, and why huntsman spiders get into your home.

Size And Locations Of Huntsman Spiders

A giant huntsman spider can have a leg span measuring up to 15 centimetres. This is impressive, right? This makes it one of the most enormous spiders you can find in Western Australia. In addition, there are quite a number of species native to Asia, Africa, and South America.

The Diet Of Huntsman Spiders

Huntsman spiders prey on flying insects, crawling insects, and other invertebrates. This includes geckos and small lizards.

The Mating Habits Of Huntsman Spiders

Again, huntsman spiders differ from some other species in their mating habits. The males are usually not attacked by the females after mating. After impregnation, the female lays around 200 eggs in a silken sac it builds. You can find such sacs under rocks or barks of trees but beware; she usually stands guard for a few weeks.

Thereafter, when it is time, the female will open the egg sac. Thus, the little spiderlings are let out. Though they have a pale colour, they soon change to a distinct grey or brown colour in subsequent weeks.

Do Huntsman Spiders Build Nests?

Interestingly, you will not find huntsman spiders building webs or nests. Rather, it wanders about looking for food or mates. Not having a retreat base or a nest is one area where the huntsman spider differs from house spiders. Interestingly, these two other species of spiders, including the redback spider and the white-tailed spider, also display these traits.

Are Huntsman Spiders Harmful To Humans?

Your chances of being attacked by the huntsman are improbable. Though their bite may be painful, they are otherwise not harmful to humans. Another good thing is that they help remove other pests.

However, it is advisable to place them back outside. Huntsman spiders do attack when they are agitated. You may experience some swelling and need some medical aid. For example, their bite may cause vomiting, headaches, and heart palpitations.

More so, there are people who are afraid of spiders. Indeed, such people would prefer getting pest control to rid their homes or offices of huntsman spiders.

Why Do Huntsman Spiders Get Into Your Home?

Huntsman spiders may chase prey or mates through small openings inside your home, cars, or building. Their almond-like bodies allow them to squeeze around small spaces, and pantry moths buzzing around lights may attract them. Likewise, the warm summer months may make them want to avoid the summer heat.

How To Get Rid Of A Huntsman Spider

Have you tried using a broom on a spider? They are pretty fast, aren’t they? In fact, they may even climb right up the broom onto your arms. Indeed, some people would not want that. So, before you start thinking of inviting pest experts, how do you get rid of huntsman spiders?

Use a container and a piece of cardboard

One effective way is to make use of a container and a piece of cardboard. This is quite useful when the spider is on a flat surface such as a wall. Place the jar or container over the spider. Then, slip the piece of cardboard or paper between the container and the wall. Now, you can move outside, place the container down, and let the spider leave.

Use natural oils such as peppermint or citrus spray

Spiders dislike the scent of peppermint, eucalyptus oil, tea-tree, or citrus. Thus, regularly spraying them down likely entrances deters them from coming in. Simply fill a standard spray bottle with water. Then mix it with 15 to 20 drops of the essential oil. Finally, you can spray it down on cracks and corners.

Place nuts in corners

Moreover, go a step further and place a few nuts in selected corners of your home. This includes walnuts and chestnuts.

Clean up your home

Regular clean-up helps in getting rid of huntsman spiders. This includes cleaning and removing cobwebs from your closets, attic, garage, and dark spaces.

Avoid clutter

Clearly, the fewer hiding spots there are, the fewer spiders you will find. Clear out objects such as gloves, cardboard boxes, and general clutter. You may just be surprised to find clothes moths among old clothes. Surely, this can attract huntsman spiders.

Seal off cracks and openings

You can seal off entryways for huntsman spiders. For example, tiny crevices, vents, door and window openings, and loose screens need to be closed off. Sometimes, a foam sealant or caulk can come in useful here.

Reduce excessive moisture

Where there is excess moisture, insects become common. In turn, they attract spiders. Thus, you may add a dehumidifier in places like your basement.

Get rid of other insects

Indeed, spiders will be there when insects like ants, cockroaches, and ticks exist in the home.

Weed out your perimeter

You make it harder for spiders to make it to your home when you do not have vegetation around. This includes shrubs, woodpiles, composts, and even rocks. Furthermore, you may remove plants from the perimeter of your home.

Turn off outdoor lights

Remember that spiders are attracted to insects. In turn, insects are attracted to light. Therefore, you may avoid spiders by turning off bright outdoor lights.

Use a vacuum cleaner

Get those vacuum cleaners working around corners. A plus is you not only suck up the spiders, but you also remove their webs and egg sacs.

Set up a sticky trap

Go hunting with a sticky trap. This means that you set up a non-toxic trap. Usually, the glue traps the spider. Congratulations, you have caught a spider, though not in a web. Now, you can dispose of it. This is like a catch and release process.

Invite a pest inspection and control service

Another quick and effective solution is to invite a professional exterminator or a pest manager. They can advise you on preventive measures. Moreover, they are equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle a spider infestation. You can, therefore, look up to them for residential or commercial spider control.

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