Identifying And Eliminating Roach Infestation In Your House

August 18, 2021

Cockroaches invade homes looking for food and water. Once infested, a home becomes unhealthy and uncomfortable to live in. As one of the most invasive and destructive household pests, roaches are bad news for your wellbeing and property. To make matters worse, spotting them can be challenging because they appear at night when the lights are off and you are asleep. And during the day, they will hide in hard to see and reach areas. But if you are keen enough, you can detect a cockroach problem early and deal with it promptly.

Signs Of Cockroach Infestation

A roach infested house is not that hard to recognise. There are several signs to look out for, with cockroach faeces being the most outright. Cockroaches defecate regularly, releasing tiny, black droppings that resemble ground pepper or coffee grounds. The more roaches in your house, the more droppings you will find. Below are other signs of a roach infested home.

Odd Smell

Cockroaches emit a strong, unpleasant odour. The more extensive and more prolonged the infestation, the greater the odour. The smell is usually described as musty, oily, and pungent.

Egg Cases

Female roaches lay lots of eggs in casings known as ootheca. Finding these casings around appliances, furniture, wet spots, and dark corners is an indication of a massive infestation waiting to happen.


Seeing a roach in your home, especially during the day, means there are many more hiding somewhere. Check for nests in damp, dark places like under sinks, behind the refrigerator, and inside cabinets as cockroaches usually hide in such places.

Dead Bodies

Seeing dead cockroaches can mean two things. Either there is a heavy infestation, or the infestation is dying out. Since roaches come out at night, not all make it back to their nest alive. Therefore, you are most likely to find lifeless roaches around your house in the morning. Where a cockroach drops dead, know there is a nest nearby.


It could be tricky to notice damages caused by roaches, but it is possible with a significant infestation. Cockroaches chew on clothing and other materials made of fabric. They can also damage your electronic devices by ruining internal electrical components leading to expensive repairs or replacements.

Where You Will Find Roaches

Found a roach in your home of late? Most likely, you found it in a dark, warm, moist area of your house. Cockroaches thrive where there is warmth, darkness, and moisture. Therefore, if you find a roach in your bed, then your bedroom is probably overly humid, not too hot nor too cold, and poorly lit. And if you find a cockroach outside your house, it will not be long before it finds its way into your house. Roaches reproduce fast, and if their population is not controlled as soon as possible, they can overrun your home. Some of the locations to inspect for cockroach infestation include:

  • Kitchen: Search for roaches under and behind appliances such as ovens and refrigerators and inside cabinets where food is stored. Ensure there is no build-up of dirty utensils in the kitchen sink and food crumbs on the kitchen floor.
  • Bathroom: Showers, pipes, bathtubs, and drains in the bathroom offer a moist environment where cockroaches can thrive. Fix leaks and remove wet towels.
  • Laundry: Cockroaches usually hide under dryers, washers, and stacks of clothes.
  • Basement: With roaches able to squeeze their bodies through tiny spaces, you will find them in cracks in the foundation. The basement’s humid and protective environment makes for a great haven for cockroaches.

The Dangers Of Cockroaches

Though cockroaches provide several ecological benefits, they cause more negative effects. Since they eat anything they encounter and frequent some of the most disgusting places, they are considered one of the filthiest household pests. They leave behind all the waste they collect on the way in your house, posing great health risks to you and your family. Their bodies and droppings have bacteria that can result in diseases like cholera and leprosy and allergens that can trigger allergic reactions and escalate asthma symptoms. Therefore, take immediate action when you spot roaches around your house.

What To Do When You Find A Cockroach

When cockroaches infest your home, you need to take proper and prompt action lest the infestation becomes massive. Here are the steps to take:

  • Identify the Cockroach Nest: Roaches usually lay and hide eggs in their nests, and finding their nesting places is excellent for immediate elimination.
  • Block All Entry Points: Cockroaches enter homes mainly through holes and cracks in walls and the foundation. They can also find their way inside through piping, the garage, or garbage. Seal gaping areas and fix leaky or broken pipes.
  • Pesticides, Baits, and Traps: Something toxic to cockroaches like boric acid can help wipe out the infestation. 
  • Professional Extermination: For a more strategic and lasting solution, consider hiring a cockroach control expert.

Other Facts To Know About Cockroaches

Do Roaches Fly?

While cockroaches have wings, most are not flyers, instead using their legs to move around. If you see a roach kind of flying, it is just gliding. Roaches open their wings to glide from upper to lower surfaces. They cannot fly as well as bees and flies.

Do Cockroaches Make Noise?

Recognising cockroach infestation through cockroach sounds is not that easy. Anyway, roaches can be slightly heard when they are all together. You might hear them crawl around or flap their wings. The Madagascar hissing cockroach is the loudest roach species. It makes hissing sounds when scared or attracting a mate.

How Do You Repel Cockroaches?

You can prevent roaches from entering your house with the use of repellents. Essential oils, including lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint, are effective cockroach repellents. Additionally, cockroaches dislike the smell of lemons, coffee grounds, bay leaves, and cucumbers.

Cockroaches Die On Their Back

Roaches always die belly up reason being they have top-heavy bodies. Before dropping dead, they lose their muscle strength, especially those with skinny legs. Their body weight then becomes too much for them, thus toppling over and dying on their back.

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