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Possums are nocturnal marsupials that have adapted well in the face of urban development in Adelaide and metro areas. Due to the clearing of trees possums have lost their homes and natural nesting sites forcing them to stake claim to roofs and cavities in and around buildings. This causes damage to insulation and electrics whilst possum droppings and urine can cause hygiene problems and staining of ceilings.

Pest Aid Adelaide have a specialised team of possum proofing and control experts. The most common complaint about possums is noises in the roof. These noises are usually heard from 10pm – 5am and range from light scratching to a herd of elephants.

Pest Aid will provide a cost effective, thorough solution for possum removal in Adelaide from your roof space and possum proofing your home, whilst allowing the possums to live in their natural habitat and territories.

The first step is to inspect your home to identify possum entry points and deficiencies that allow possums to enter. Sealing off these entry points with possum proofing materials such as galvanised tin and mesh is imperative to ensure that possums do not gnaw or chew their way back into your roof space. We will install a temporary one way possum exit door around the main entry points. This allows possums to exit your roof space without re-entering.

We can also supply and install possum nesting boxes to provide an alternative home for the possums which may discourage them from attempting to re-enter your roof space.

Possums are protected under the SA Parks and Wildlife Act (1972) and must not be harmed or removed without obtaining a permit to do so. Releasing possums more than 50 metres from the trapping site is not only illegal but also inhumane. Studies have shown that relocated possums often suffer a violent death due to predators and competition for nesting sites. Some also fall victim to road kill whilst trying to make their way back to where they came from. If caught relocating you can be prosecuted and fined under the Act.


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