Possum Control


While possums don’t pose any real physical danger to your family, they can damage your home and become an overall nuisance. As native animals, they’re protected under Australian law, so they require specialist removal. If you’ve noticed the warning signs of a possum problem, it’s time to call the possum removal experts at Pest Aid.

Our pest control team will ensure any possums are removed safely, effectively and humanely from your property. Request a quote or book a possum catcher online at Pest Aid.


Signs you have a possum problem

  • Loud movement or scratching noises late at night or early in the morning
  • Visible damage to the exterior of the property (broken gutters, torn up shingles etc.)
  • Disappearing food, including pet food
  • Unpleasant odours from possum faeces

How do you get rid of a possum?

As mentioned, possums are protected under Australian law. This means they cannot be harmed or removed without obtaining a permit, or released more than 50 metres from the trapping site. If caught relocating, you can be prosecuted and fined.

That being said, Pest Aid uses the below 5 step process to safely remove possums from your home. This includes:

  • An inspection to Identify possum entry points
  • Identify the species to determine a control plan
  • Sealing these areas with possum proofing materials (i.e. galvanised tin and mesh). This will ensure possums cannot gnaw or chew their way back into your roof space.
  • Installing a temporary, one way possum door around the main entry point or live cage traps. This allows possums to exit your roof space without re-entering.
  • Removal of the oneway exit door or cages, final proof all areas and bait roof for rats if required.

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At Pest Aid, we can take care of a number of pest infestations. Whether you’re dealing with rodents, cockroaches or spiders, our experienced team will assess the problem and create a solution for you.

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