Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

Get a pest inspection before you buy

Don’t buy someone else’s costly problems, insist on a pest inspection before you commit. The dedicated Pest Aid team are the experts when it comes to pre-purchase and termite inspections – offering a fast and friendly service, and a detailed report for total peace of mind.

So before you buy or sell a property, book a pest inspection online at Pest Aid or speak to our team directly.

What is a pre-purchase pest inspection?

The process involves a thorough visual inspection of the interior and exterior of your property for active termites, evidence of termites and timber pest damage. Pest inspections can also be conducted by a seller of a property, in order to help them price the house and be aware of the state of the home before selling.

Our inspections are done in accordance with the Australian Standards 4349 series. At Pest Aid, our termite inspectors are equipped with state of the art termite and moisture detection technology, so rest assured the inspection will be thorough.

Upon completion of the termite and building inspection, a digital report with photos and all findings and recommendations will be emailed to you in a timely manner, enabling you to make an informed decision on your purchase.

The pest inspector should also tell you:

  • If any termite management system has been used on the home and where you can find the system
  • If the property is in an area at risk of termites


Signs of a termite problem

When a pre-purchase inspection is done on the property, the pest expert will look for the following termite signs:

  • Visible termites (white ants)
  • Hollow-sounding or papery timber (which indicates the timber has been eaten away)
  • Tunnels in wood
  • Termite droppings
  • Mud leads or shelter tubes
  • Damaged floors, walls or ceiling

What if there are termites?

If there are signs of termites at the property, you have a few options as the potential buyer:

  • You don’t purchase the property
  • You negotiate with the seller to have a pest control expert install a termite management system
  • If there is a system already in place, you need to ensure you regularly get termite inspections and watch for signs of termites

Do I need a pest inspection?

While it’s not a legal requirement, most contracts of sales for properties will include a “subject to building and pest inspection”. This means the inspection is done during the cooling off period, enabling the buyer to back out of the contract if there is significant damage that affects the condition of the property.

At Pest Aid, we highly recommend you get a pest inspection. Buying your new home or investment property is an enormous investment, so you want to do it right. There’s nothing worse than moving in and then realising the place is infested with termites and falling apart.

Having a professional inspect the property will give you peace of mind and prove that the house has a clean bill of health. Book a pest inspection in the Gold Coast or Adelaide today.

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