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The two species of pest rats that are now ubiquitous in Australia arrived alongside European settlers on ships. This mode of transport facilitated their spread to many other parts of the world too. Rats have left a significant mark on human history, most notably for their role in spreading the Black Death. This bubonic plague pandemic swept across Western Eurasia and North Africa from 1346 to 1353, making it the deadliest recorded pandemic in human history. It claimed the lives of an estimated 75–200 million people, with Europe seeing the worst of the outbreak from 1347 to 1351.

Rats and mice in modern homes

Today, rats and mice remain unwanted guests in our homes. These pests pose considerable health risks as they carry and spread diseases. They can also start fires by gnawing on electrical wiring. If you notice any early warning signs of mice or rats, it’s time to act.

As a leading, family-owned pest control company, Pest Aid offers you peace of mind. Our excellent customer service, cost-effective services, and knowledgeable pest control technicians will tackle your rodent problem head-on. Don’t let rats and mice take over your home – request an online quote for rat or mouse control today.

The Issues Rats and Mice Cause

 Rats and mice are not just nuisances; they’re public health pests that cause a variety of health issues and economic losses. These include:

  • Disease transmission: Rats and mice can carry diseases like leptospirosis and typhus fever.
  • Food contamination: These pests contaminate food with their hair, droppings, and urine, which can lead to food poisoning and spoilage.
  • Property damage: Rats and mice have a tendency to chew and gnaw on wiring, which can cause fires.
  • Economic loss: On farms, these pests can cause economic loss due to crop damage.
  • Odour: Rats and mice generate unpleasant odours that can make your home or business uninviting.
  • Parasite carriers: These rodents can carry fleas or ticks, which can harm pets and humans.

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