Replenishiable Chemical Barrier Pipe System

Replenishiable Chemical Barrier Pipe System

The Replenishment System has been designed by Australians to suit the harsh Australian conditions and termite pressures. It has been extensively tested to offer long-term termite management and prevention and was stringently assessed to strict CodeMark Australia standards, which it has achieved. Don’t settle for just any old system.

The Replenishment System is a specially designed pipe system used to apply termiticide chemical under pressure to saturate the soil medium surrounding a structure.

This creates an impenetrable barrier (if repellent termiticides are used) or a death-trap for unsuspecting foraging termites (in the case of non-repellent termiticide chemicals) that move through impregnated soil.

The system is a specially engineered system designed to deliver chemical termite treatments as a preventative measure for these pests. The system is a replenishment system laid around or underneath a structure. At a later stage, chemical is pumped through the pipes to create a barrier of protection. Once installed the system allows for quick application of a treatment to protect the structure from ongoing termite attack with drilling or removing pavers.

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