Simple And Effective Ways To Remove A Wasps Nest

August 18, 2021

Wasps are not only a nuisance but also dangerous. A wasp sting is painful and poisonous, which can be lethal, especially for those allergic to it. The presence of wasps becomes a significant issue if you have kids who may not adequately protect themselves. Your favourite pets may also get injured by wasp stings. When you recognise the presence of wasp nests, you should plan to remove them immediately. If you have no clue how to remove wasp nest, worry no more. This article focuses on the best ways of removing wasp nest from your home.

How Do You Identify Wasp Nests?

If you find wasps around your home, chances are high your house has a wasp nest. But how do you locate the nest? Here are some clues:

  • Identify The Wasps – It is good to identify the wasps to determine if they are either paper wasps or hornets and make sure they are not beneficial hoverflies, honey bees or bumblebees.
  • Watch The Wasps Unlike bees, wasps are not naturally aggressive. Thus, you can watch their activities at a closer range. Watch them as they feed at flowers, chew on wood and indulge in other activities. Once they are done with feeding, they will fly together in a straight line to their nest.
  • Bait And Watch – You can also put out bait, particularly food, and then observe the wasps up close. They will take the bait and proceed with it to their nest. Follow them to find out where they go with the bait, thereby identifying their dwelling.
  • Paper Wasps – These wasps have open nests you can spot under the eaves of houses.
  • A Stream Of Wasps – Look out for a stream of wasps flying in a particular direction to have a chance of identifying their nest. Be wary of a stream of wasps because it indicates significant infestation in your home. If this is the case, act quickly to find the best option to eliminate them.

How To Get Rid Of Wasps Without Killing Them

Wasps do play an essential role in the environment and ecosystem in general. Some of the benefits they offer include pollination, symbiotic relationship with other insects, and natural pest control. Therefore, as you remove their nests, it is good to avoid killing them. Here are ways to remove wasp nest without killing a single wasp:

1. Relocate The Small Wasp Nest

You can move the small nest at night when the wasps are asleep. To do the relocation, you need a plastic container with a lid and strong plastic or cardboard. Approach the wasp nest carefully and put the container over it. Then, slide the cardboard or plastic across the stem holding the wasp nest. Now, keep the plastic container in place and close it firmly with the lid. Carry the container with the wasp nest inside to another place far from your home. Set the container on the ground and open the cover. By doing this, you will have relocated the nest and moved the wasps away from your home.

2. Removing Hornets Nests Using Peppermint Oil

Using peppermint oil is an excellent way of removing a hornet nest without any peril. And here is how it is done:

  • Apply a few drops of the oil onto cotton wool balls or tissues.
  • Place the oiled pieces around your home, especially in spaces between sheds, porch roofs, decking and all other gaps where the wasps can make nests. The smell from the oil repels the wasps freeing your home of these problematic bugs.
  • Alternatively, remove the wasp nests using other essential oils such as cinnamon, clove, lemongrass or geranium, applying the same steps.

3. By Use Of Deterrent Sprays

Ever wonder how to get rid of a wasp hive without killing any wasp in the process? There are different types of wasp sprays available in pest control stores. Some can kill the wasps, while others help deter them from accessing their nest. Consider using deterrent sprays intended to fend off wasps. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Read and follow all the instructions on the label on how to apply the spray.
  • Spray the wasp nest, keeping a safe distance from it to avoid stings from wasps that may still be around.
  • Allow the spray 24 hours to take effect or as long as it is indicated on the label.
  • Move the nest when there are no longer signs of wasps presence.

As you spray, make sure you wear protective gloves, goggles and a mask regardless of the size of the nest. Also, treat the wasp nest at dusk or dawn when the pests are less active.

4. Remove Hornets Nest With A Fake Nest

Fake nests work effectively based on the principle that hornets and wasps always avoid getting close or into the nests of other wasps or hornets. Place the artificial nest near their nest. When they find the fake nest, they will move and nest away from your home. They will think that the fake nest is a real one and avoid it at all costs.

5. Call Wasp Hive Removal Service

With your limited paper wasp removal skills, it can be risky to perform DIY wasp removal. Wasps can sting when provoked, so great skill is needed when removing the nests. The best and safest option is to work with a professional removal service in Adelaide, or Gold Coast. Experts use the most effective products that do not compromise safety when removing wasp nests. They are also equipped with all the necessary supplies to complete the job fast and correctly. Additionally, they perform follow-up inspections to check for any signs of new infestations. That goes a long way toward ensuring that your home is wasp-free for good.

How To Kill Wasp Nests

You can kill the nests inhabiting wasps by using these tactics:

  • Nest Drenching – This method involves the use of an insecticide spray that soaks the wasp nest. Depending on the accessibility of the nest, you can either use a sprayer with an extended nozzle or hand-held sprays. When you are confident that the entire colony is dead, you can go ahead and wreck the nest.
  • Nest Dusting – For this, wasp insecticide in dust or powder formula is put to use. All you have to do is drop the powder into the nest to wipe out the entire wasp colony. This method requires reapplication and, therefore, may take a few weeks to kill all the wasps.

Wasps Nests Removal Cost

The cost of removing a wasp nest is determined by the method used and the expert hired. Some techniques and exterminators are more expensive than others due to the products utilised and the professionalism involved during the process. That is mainly why most people opt for DIY wasp hive removal, which may seem cost-effective initially but is highly risky and expensive in the long run.

To save on the paper wasp nest removal cost, ensure you work with a professional instead of doing the job yourself. It is the better option economically because you do not have to buy the products or tools needed for the task at hand. Again, the experts make sure you get high-quality results and a long-lasting solution to your wasp problem. 

We offer expert wasp removal as part of our Adelaide pest control service, as well as our Gold Coast pest control service. We offer online bookings so you can book anytime and anywhere, or call us direct if you prefer on 139 007.

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