Solutions For Scratching Noises Coming From Your Walls In Australia

October 3, 2021

You are dead asleep at 3:00 AM, and some scratching noise wakes you up. What could it be? A bird? A rodent? Apart from it being not very pleasant, it can be very nerve-wracking. It would help if you were comforted that this scratching noise is experienced by people worldwide. The most common areas where such noises come from in Australia are the wall and roof during the night.

Why Are The Noises Heard At Night And Not During The Day?

During the day, you are probably moving up and down and cleaning and moving furniture around. Or probably in the kitchen banging pots and pans, and you might not hear noises reasonably quickly. The second reason might be that these crooks operate at night or have courage when everything is dusky and silent.

Nonetheless, these weird sounds coming from the roof spaces or walls should not make you get scared. However, you should not disregard it either. Remember that pests not only transmit diseases but also bite your electrical wires and lagging, and they are not a pretty sight!

The Difference Between Animal Noises And Household Noises

Not all scratching noises heard are from animals. Some noises come from the house: a loose pipe, a displaced ceiling panel, or something connected to the property. Or it could simply be a piece of electrical machinery that is faulty. The first step is to identify what is causing the noise before solving the issue.

The most significant clue if you want to tell if the noise is household-related or not is listening to consistency. Animals move around, and so the noise they make will be random and irregular. On the other hand, household noise will be consistent. Go and examine the place and see if anything is out of place causing the noise, like wind blowing a loose pipe.

It is essential to make a visual confirmation before jumping to conclusions. If the noise is coming from the inner part of the property, try operating different valves in your house. If it is a plumbing problem, you will tell and pinpoint precisely where the problem is.

Check if it is one of the primary household appliances, such as the air conditioner or the furnace. Try switching them on and off so that you can conclude if it is a mechanical problem. Once you have established if the noise you hear is mechanical or wildlife-related, you can take appropriate measures to sort out the problem.

What Is Behind The Scratching Noises In The Roof And Walls?

There could be some bugs or possums that are behind the scratching noise in your walls. Other insects, such as carpenter ants, are not noisy, so you might not notice they are there unless you do inspections. So if you hear noises inside the roof, you might have a mice problem or wild animals such as racoons. Below are some of the culprits that could be causing the irritating noise:


One of the things that could be causing noise in your roof is a beaver. Beavers move around during the daylight, and you might not hear them as the household is a hive of activities during the day. The noise might not be constant because beavers move erratically once they are trapped in your house. One thing that will tell you if you have a beaver in your home is faeces. If you look closely at the faeces, you will notice that they are lighter than rats’.


As rats move around your house, they will shape a path that they will be following. A rat makes noises that take a definite design. Another sign that can indicate mice or rats have invaded your roof and walls is the existence of rat droppings and urine in your house. The smell of their urine is usually very pungent. If you notice cardboard boxes, food packaging that has been chewed up, or sounds heard habitually at night (because rats are night creatures), then you have rats or mice in your home.


These nocturnal creatures are active at night and sleep during the day. The fact that they fly makes them even scarier. They are usually found in the attic or other parts of the home. They don’t come alone but carry a mass of terrible viruses with them. It might be hard for you to tell you to have bats in your home because they don’t make much noise. By the time you hear their noises, know that there are several of them already there.


Possums might be too big to fit in roof spaces or walls of your house. However, tiny or younger possums can make their way through holes and get stuck in your cellar or other inner areas of the home. If you have a possum infestation, you will likely hear possum sounds.

Reasons To Check The Scratching Noise In The Wall

Do not ignore scratching noises in your roof spaces or walls, mainly if they occur during the night. It could be a result of rodent infestation, which could lead to severe damage to your property. Some of the reasons you need to check the scratching noises in your walls are listed below.

  • Pests wreak havoc: Many rodents will chew up wires, wood, and pipes, wreaking a lot of havoc on your roof spaces or inside your walls. This could severely damage your property, and it will cost you an arm and a leg in terms of repairs and replacement. In the worst-case scenario, once the electrical wires have been exposed, they could cause a fire burning your house to the ground.
  • Disease spreaders: Animals like birds usually have fleas. So if you have birds in your roof space and it is not taken care of, they will likely spread the fleas and possibly viruses. Rodents transmit all forms of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Faeces and urine from pests can draw severe bug invasions bringing in other forms of distress.
  • Odour: Apart from the awful smell of rodents droppings, the decomposing carcasses of rodents are worse. So if you suspect that you have an invasion, especially if you hear scratching noises, it is time to get in touch with pest control companies and try to get a solution before it is too late.

Solutions And Prevention Of Rodents In Walls

Once you can pinpoint where the scratching noises are coming from, be it your walls or roof spaces, you need to decide what to do next. Several options are available when you want to deal with the creatures that have made your home their home:

Do-It-Yourself Methods

Many products are available on the market that assert to fast and painlessly solve pest-associated problems. There are different repellents, pepper-based products, hook and booby traps in other forms and dimensions. However, if you aim to get rid of these creatures for good, this might not work out well.

Otherwise, companies that specialise in pest-controlled services would be non-existent. These methods should only be used as a temporary solution as a more permanent solution is being sorted. No solution will 100% permanently resolve this problem. The most significant way to tackle this problem is to prevent the creatures from invading your home.

Prevention of Rodents

Listed down below are some easy ways that can be followed that will reduce the chance of stray animals from getting into your house:

  • Drain all stagnant water around your house. When these animals see a pool of water, they will most likely come to have a drink. Also, this is an ideal breeding place for bugs. So to prevent this, avoid leaving a pool of water anywhere around your compound.
  • You probably are aware that animals move around looking for food and water. Since you have been warned about the dangers of stagnant water, you must keep food out of the way. Once these animals get a source of food, they are bound to come back and look for a way to live in your home. Appropriately dispose of garbage.
  • Check around your property and compound and find gaps that could quickly act as doors for these pests. It is essential to securely block these entry points before these animals get into your ceiling and start crawling around. It is better to prevent them from getting in than calling a professional to eradicate them.
  • You can also install a wire mesh to shelter your chimney, which will keep squirrels from getting into the house.

These are just a few of ways to keep pests away from your home. However, these creatures are usually agile and sneaky if they want to get to your cellar; deterring them, to begin with, is not easy.

What Do You Do If the Pests Are Already In the House?

The only solution available if these rodents have already made themselves at home in your house is to call in the experts. These professionals will remove this problem in a secure, humane, and well-organised way.

The experts will know how to deal with the wildlife living in your house. This process is crucial and intricate. The experts will:

  • Ensure the creatures are removed securely and gently.
  • Do a thorough inspection and check all areas that could be exposed.
  • Your house is made safe from upcoming infestation. This is through well-known animal prevention procedures.

You might hear some noise in the roof a couple of times even after the issue has been sorted. Do not fret! Listen to the noise for a few days and see if it is persistent. Your resident animal elimination and prevention team in Australia will decide the perfect procedure to follow to securely and gently remove the wildlife.

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