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Spiders aren’t only unsightly, but they can be extremely dangerous. If you’ve noticed the early warning signs of a spider problem, book a spider pest control treatment as soon as possible – to keep you, your family and pets safe.

As a leading, family-owned pest control company, you can get peace of mind when you choose Pest Aid. Enjoy excellent customer service, cost-effective services and helpful pest control technicians. Book your pest control spider treatment online today.

Spider control treatments

Signs of spider infestation

  • There are spider webs around your home or in your garden
  • You see spiders
  • There are spider eggs (spider egg sacs are white to cream in colour. They’ll usually be covered in the spider’s silk and then attached to something, like a fence, crevice in a wall or in a nook or cranny)

If you see the odd spider here and there, it might not be cause for concern – especially given how prominent spiders are in Australia. However, if you see the signs above in excess, you need to book in a spider pest control treatment ASAP.

How to get rid of spiders

The best way to get rid of a spider problem is to call in spider exterminators. At Pest Aid, we use a combination of the following methods to get rid of spiders.

Using residual micro technology, we target all the hotspots of spiders such as roof voids, internal and external of your property. The products we use are safe for you, your family and pets while providing outstanding knock down and residual protection.

Removing cobwebs some weeks after the treatment is a great way to monitor the effectiveness of our treatment.

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