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Pest Aid Termite Control in Adelaide, SA

Australian Standards recommend that all South Australian properties have a termite protection plan in place.

Pest Aid are proven to be an industry leader in termite protection and eradication. With over 30 years of termite control experience in Adelaide South Australia, we only use the latest eco friendly CSIRO approved products to protect your home against termite attack.

Scientific facts and data available ensures that our selection of products are designed to eliminate the entire termite colony. This is opposed to liquid chemicals which are simply designed to create a residual barrier to impede termite entry into your home with very little if any effect on the colony itself.

The Pest Aid termite monitoring and baiting system takes advantage of natural termite behaviour. Termites constantly forage for food to feed the ever-expanding termite colony.

The pre baited tamper resistant termite stations are designed to have minimum visual impact and are strategically placed either in the ground or in concrete to the external perimeter of the home where termites are known to forage. These termite stations intercept foraging termites creating a termite security system, drastically reducing the termite pressure on your home.

Each station contains a pre baited termite tablet and a pair of freshly milled timber inserts that are an ideal food source for the termites.

Benefits of the Pest Aid Adelaide PRE BAITED termite BAITING AND MONITORING system vs other methods and systems:

  • Pre Baited in-ground and in-concrete termite stations.
  • The Pest Aid termite baiting system has minimal environmental impact by restricting the use of residual chemicals.
  • The Pest Aid termite system is ideal for sensitive situations such as asthma sufferers, the young, the elderly and your pets.
  • The Pest Aid termite system is ideal for situations where all other methods have failed.


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