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With a rich history of 30 years in termite control, Pest Aid is well-equipped to assist you with your termite control needs. As a licensed and insured company, we offer comprehensive termite control solutions that not only address current infestations but also help prevent future ones. We stand by our guarantee—it’s fixed or it’s free.

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    All our termite control technicians are fully trained in all aspects of termite inspections and termite control. Pest Aid is a fully insured company.

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    Pest Aid is 100% Australian owned and operated Pest Control company, we employ locals with local termite species knowledge.

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    All our termite control services are 100% guaranteed, we won't stop until the termites are gone.

Understanding Australian Termites

Termites, often mistaken for white ants due to their similar appearance, are small soft-bodied insects native to Australia. With hundreds of species found across the country, these creatures play various roles in our ecosystem. While some species are important for recycling dead and decaying timber or feeding on grasses, others can cause significant economic damage to timber structures.

The economically significant species of subterranean termites pose a particular challenge. These termites traverse through soil, constantly foraging and assessing potential food sources. This behaviour makes them a serious threat to homes and buildings, as they can cause extensive damage before their presence is even detected.

The Significance of Termite Control

Termite attacks are common in Australia. Statistics suggest that one in three houses will experience a termite attack during their economic life. What’s more alarming is that most home insurance policies do not cover termite damage. This leaves homeowners to deal with the hefty repair costs, which can reach into the hundreds of thousands. Furthermore, a termite attack can significantly devalue your property.

Eco-Friendly Termite Management 

We prioritise the safety of our clients and the environment. That’s why we use an eco-friendly and APVMA-approved termite management system. This approach ensures that our treatments are safe yet effective.

Termite Protection for New Builds and Renovations 

As well as our termite control and inspection services, we offer termite protection during the construction phase of new builds and renovations. This proactive measure ensures optimal termite protection for your property from the get-go.

Expertise Across Australia

With experts in Adelaide and Gold Coast, we’re well-positioned to provide termite inspections and control services across various locations. We also offer a range of other pest control services, including rodent control, possum control, spider control, and more. For professional assistance with termite control, reach out to Pest Aid at 139 007 or

The termite hazard map below puts most homes and buildings at high risk of termite attack, therefore, termite control and inspections are essential on all properties.

Termite hotspots


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