Pest Aid: Effective Tick Control Services in Adelaide and the Gold Coast

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Pest Aid ensures access to:

Dependable Tick Pest Control Treatments: We offer comprehensive solutions that address immediate infestations and help prevent future issues.

Eco-Conscious Practices: Our eco-friendly tick pest control approaches protect your environment without compromising on effectiveness.

Affordable Services: We provide cost-effective pest control options suitable for a wide range of budgets and property sizes, whether it’s ticks, spiders, termites, fleas, mosquitos or otherwise.

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    Licensed and Insured Technicians

    All our service technicians are licensed by state health departments, trained to the highest standards and experts in all aspects of commercial pest control. Pest Aid is a fully insured company.

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    Eco Friendly Chemistry

    Our unique Polymer Enhanced Synthetic Pyrethroid formulations are approved by the APVMA, weather resistant, Eco friendly, safe for you and your employees.

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    It’s Fixed or it’s Free!

    All our products and programs are 100% guaranteed.

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    Digital Reporting & Compliance Documentation

    All service reports and compliance documents are provided in state of the art digital formats.

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    100% Australian Owned and Operated

    All our locations are 100% Australian owned and operated by Australian Pest Control Experts, we are not a franchise or multi national.

Achieve a Tick-Free Environment with Pest Aid

Pest Aid delivers reliable tick control solutions tailored to the unique environments of Adelaide and the Gold Coast. Our approach combines efficiency with long-term results, ensuring your outdoor spaces are safe from ticks, which pose risks to both human and pet health.

Understanding the Risk from Ticks

Ticks are dangerous vectors for diseases such as Lyme disease and Australian Tick Typhus. These parasites thrive in wooded, bushy areas, attaching to both humans and animals to feed on their blood. Effective management through professional tick pest control is essential for preventing their spread and safeguarding public health.

Signs of Tick Presence

Early detection is crucial for effective tick control. Be vigilant for signs such as:

  • Pets scratching more than usual, which might indicate tick infestations.
  • Finding ticks on your clothing after walking through bushy or wooded areas.
  • Any unusual spots or rashes on skin, which could be a reaction to tick bites.

Comprehensive Tick Pest Control Solutions

Site Evaluation: Our expert team conducts exhaustive assessments of your property to identify high-risk areas and the extent of tick infestations.

Integrated Management Plans:

  • Targeted Chemical Treatments: We utilise eco-friendly tick pest control chemicals that are safe for your family and pets yet effective against ticks.
  • Habitat Modification: Simple changes to your landscape can reduce tick populations, such as keeping lawns mowed and removing leaf litter.
  • Preventative Strategies: Including advice on how to protect yourself and your pets from potential tick exposure.

Guard Against Ticks with Pest Aid

Ensure your peace of mind today by scheduling a consultation with Pest Aid, your expert in tick control – contact us for top-tier tick pest control in Adelaide and the Gold Coast. Let us help you maintain a safe, tick-free environment with sustainable and efficient solutions.

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Certificate III in Urban Pest Management Qualified Technicians.

Certificate 3 in urban Pest Management qualifies and licences our team to the highest level possible in the Pest Control industry to ensure you receive a service and advice that is second to none. Using another company that operates with unlicensed staff will not only put your safety at risk it will also void your right for any public liability and professional indemnity insurance claims.

We are proudly local.

Our locations are proudly owned and operated by locals, employing locals who are trained to understand the specific pests in your area, while putting your money back into the local economy.

30 years of on the job pest control experience.

With 30 years of on the job pest control experience we would love to use our expertise to help you with your Pest Control needs! Our Company is large enough to respond in an emergency but not that large that you will be forgotten about.


our highly trained HAACP Pest Control specialists understand the importance protecting your company’s reputation no matter what the size of your business. We understand pests can cause serious and costly damage to your business, so it’s essential that HACCP management is done properly and thoroughly.


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We understand that dealing with pests can be stressful. That's why we offer a convenient and speedy service. You can book our services online or get expert advice and bookings at 139 007. We offer appointments from 6am - 6pm and promise a 15-minute call back if you enquire online. We also provide digital service reports with photo evidence and offer credit card payment options in all service vehicles.