Why Do I Hear Noises In My Roof?

May 26, 2022

Why do I hear noises in my roof? The dreaded answer is that you’re probably facing a pest invasion. Pests are not only a nuisance, they also carry diseases with them everywhere they go – which can lead to major health problems for anyone living in the house. Despite their small size, pests can also cause a lot of damage to your home and start major infestations if left unattended to.

So if you’ve heard scratching, buzzing or squeaking noises, pest control should be on top of your list. Read on to find out more about the noises in your roof or get in touch with the Pest Aid team today.

Why do I hear noises in my roof?

Odds are you’re dealing with a pest problem. There are a number of pests that can find their way into your home. Some live inside your house while others live outside and only come in to lay eggs or eat food.

Pests make all sorts of sounds when they are inside your roof, such as scratching, tapping and buzzing. So it’s essential to  know the difference between normal sounds and noises pests make while in or on your roof.

Different types of roof pests & their noises


Rodent infestations can be a major problem. Mice and rats are small enough that they can enter your home through tiny gaps. So it’s important to be aware of the sounds they make so you can take action immediately.

Rat and mice sounds at night include:

  •  Scratching
  • Chewing
  • Squeaking
  • Thumping

If you’ve been asking yourself ‘why do I hear noises in my roof’, then you may be dealing with a rodent infestation. The best way to protect your home is to book a rodent control treatment. A highly skilled technician will inspect your property and then come up with a rat or mice removal treatment plan. This will often include the following:

  • Baiting with rodent anticoagulant baits in enclosed in tamper resistant stations
  • Trapping in areas of known rodent activity
  • Proofing entry ways into dwellings with rodent proof materials


If you hear any loud thumping or notice any unpleasant smells around your property, you may be dealing with a possum infestation. Not only are possums annoying, they can cause damage to your garden and roof. Some of the sounds possums make include:

  • Hissing
  •  Scratching
  •  Gnawing
  • Loud thumps

It’s important to know that possums are protected by Australian law as native animals, meaning they cannot be harmed or removed without obtaining a permit. Therefore, the best way to deal with a possum infestation is to contact the possum control professionals at Pest Aid.

Wasps and bees

Wasp and bee infestations can be hard to spot at first, but the constant buzzing and swarming can give them away. You may have also spotted a nest on the side of your roof. If you think you’ve got a bee or wasp problem, book wasp and bee control as soon as possible.


Birds are greatly affected by changes in the weather. Like other animals, they search for warm areas during cold and wet seasons.

Sounds you may notice:

  • Chirping
  • Loud screeching
  • Scratching noise in the roof early morning

The best way to protect your home from a bird infestation is to contact a professional bird control company.


Termites can cause significant damage to your home. If you have noticed any unusual sounds, mud spotting on the ceilings, termite droppings or cracks in the walls, then you are most likely dealing with a termite infestation. One of the first signs are noises coming from your ceilings.

Termite sounds include:

  • Crunching
  • Clicking
  • Tapping

Termite sounds can sometimes be difficult to detect, so if you’ve noticed any of the other warning signs of termites, it’s crucial you get professional termite control.

How to prevent pests from entering your roof

The thought of getting pests in your home can be enough to make your skin crawl. However, it does not always have to be that way. Follow these simple steps to keep your roof free of unwanted guests:

  • Seal any possible entry points: Mice, rats and possums can squeeze through small spaces like holes, pipes or vents. To avoid an infestation, make sure you seal these entry points with metal guards or possum proofing materials.
  • Trim branches: Keep any trees near your house trimmed so that rodents can’t climb up onto the roof.
  • Prevent water leaks: Check plumbing fixtures regularly for any damage or leaks that may attract insects or other pests around them.

What are the other signs of a pest infestation?

Once you start hearing noises in your roof, it’s a good idea to look out for other signs you’ve got a pest problem. Pests are good at hiding, and some may even be laying low in your house undetected for some time before they make their presence known. While the signs differ for each pest, these are some of the common ones:

  • Dead insects
  • Droppings
  • Visible pests
  • Disappearing food or holes in boxes/containers where food is kept
  • Feathers
  • Wood damage

Call on your local pest control expert

So now you know how to answer the question ‘why do I hear noises in my roof?’, you may be wondering what to do. If you have a pest problem, call Pest Aid immediately.

Pest Aid have been helping Australian home owners with pest control for over 25 years. We offer a range of pest control solutions to protect your home and give you peace of mind. Book a treatment with Pest Aid online now.

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