What Sound Does A Possum Make?

May 3, 2022

Do you have a possum taking up residence in your home? They may be furry and cute, but are considered pests for a reason. Besides destroying your garden, possums are very noisy and leave unpleasant smells around your property. So you may be wondering, what sound does a possum make and how do you identify it? Read on to learn more about common brushtail possum sounds in Australia and how your local pest control service can help.

What sound does a possum make?

Can you remember that heavy thump and high-pitched scream that scared you in the middle of the night? It was probably a family of common brushtail possums!

Since possums are mainly active at night time, this is when you’ll usually hear them. But what sound does a possum make? To identify if you have a possum invasion, we’ve listed all the common noises they make below:

  • Hissing or clicking: baby possums make this sound when seeking the attention of their mother.
  • Clicking: mothers make these to their young ones as a form of communication. These are made when possums are threatened. Possums also use clicking sounds to attract attention from mates.
  • High-pitched squeals and screaming: these are heard when possums are fighting.
  • Growling: these are made by possums when they’re threatened or angry.
  • Pitter patter or loud thumping noises: you’ll often hear these sounds as possums move about your roof.

Signs of a possum invasion in your home

If possums infest your home, it should be evident as they are not discreet. Aside from possum noises (such as scratching, loud screeching, hissing and clicking), here are some other signs you may notice:

  • Damage to the exterior of your building: Since possums enter your property by climbing, the first sign you might notice is damage to your property. Often this damage is done by tearing shingles or ripping your house’s rooftop.
  • Disappearing pet food: If you have an outdoor pet, you may notice the unusual disappearance of your pet’s food.
  • Unpleasant smell: Possums excrete wet droppings similar to a cat. They can soak your building materials, causing an unpleasant smell.

How to keep possums away from your home

Although possums do not pose any harm to you and your family, they can damage your roof and make it impossible to sleep at night. So we’ve put together some tips on how to keep them away:

  1. Clean-Up brush piles, trash, and pet food remnants

Remove all accessible sources of food and water for possums from your property. This means picking ripe fruit and vegetables as soon as possible, collecting fallen fruit and covering your compost bin. With no food source, they’ll move on to their next location.

  1. Get motion-activated lights or sprinklers

If you have a serious infestation, this is a good alternative. Sudden lights or water will scare the possums away and stop them from coming back.

  1. Install solar LED deterrent lights

These lights resemble the glowing eyes of the predators of possums. When you install the lights near your chicken coop or garden, these nocturnal animals get scared and run away.

  1. Seal any cavities in your roof

Possums will venture into your roof to find warmth and safety. To prevent them getting in, try to seal up any cavities or clear entry points.

  1. Contact pest control professionals

One of the best and most effective ways to get rid of possums is to call the professionals. At Pest Aid, we use a combination of methods, such as installing temporary possum doors, nesting boxes, and sealing entry points.

Possums are protected by Australian laws

Before taking any action to get rid of possums, you should know that they are protected by Australian law as native animals. This means they cannot be harmed or removed without obtaining a permit, or released more than 50 metres from the trapping site. If caught relocating, you can be prosecuted and fined.

So regardless of the nuisance they cause, possum control professionals are your best chance for getting rid them from your property.

Turn to the pest control experts at Pest Aid

Now you know the answer to the question, ‘what sound does a possum make?’, you can act immediately. Possums can cause stress for homeowners, that’s why pest control companies are here to help! Here at Pest Aid, we have over 25 years of experience in the pest control industry. We provide affordable and eco-friendly solutions that are guaranteed to keep your home and family safe. Contact us today to rid your home of any pests.

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