Why Do Roaches Come Out At Night?

August 18, 2021

The sight of cockroaches around your house is never good news. A home invasion by these problematic pests is terrible for both people and property. Roaches can spread diseases, damage fabric, and even destroy electronics. Worse, they can do all that without being detected. Cockroaches are nocturnal by nature, meaning they come out at night when most humans are sound asleep looking for food and mating opportunities. During the day, they hide in their nests. Seeing a cockroach in the daytime is a sign of significant infestation. You should therefore contact a pest control company to help eliminate them. Applying DIY methods can help up to a certain point where things go out of hand.

What Do Roaches Like?

Cockroaches like warm, moist environments as they are suitable for breeding and multiplying. Besides the warmth and moisture, they love to forage for food at night-time under cover of darkness as it is safer. Naturally nocturnal, roaches come out at night to mate as well.

Do Cockroaches Like Light Or Dark?

Contrary to what many people believe, cockroaches never run away from the light because they fear it. They do not get intimidated by natural or artificial light. It is just that they like hiding in dark environments to avoid predators. And also the fact that they are nocturnal insects. But cockroach species that live in the wild are known to be active where there is light. Sometimes, even household roaches can be spotted moving towards TV screens at night.

Cockroaches are good learners too. They are so smart to know that with the flick of a switch, they have been discovered. Once you turn on the lights, all roaches will immediately scamper away into their hiding places to avoid being spotted. They have evolved to be swift runners, enabling them to escape human and predator attacks quickly. That is why they can survive longer than most other pests that invade homes.

When Do Cockroaches Sleep?

You would expect cockroaches to be night sleepers just like humans. But these insects are nocturnal. So, when do they take a much-needed rest? You need to know that roaches have a circadian rhythm, a sleep-wake cycle alternating between inactive/asleep and active/wakeful periods. When awake, roaches actively look for mates, water, and food. Most are active in the first hours of the night when the lights are off. A few hours are enough for them to mate and feed. However, if there is a massive cockroach infestation in your home, they may spend more hours searching for food. Finding cockroaches in the morning hours signals heavy infestation.

Roaches have three states of activity. Locomotion, which occurs at night whereby cockroaches engage in all manner of activities, is the first and most active state. In this state, cockroaches run or fly to escape from danger. The second state involves the movement of limbs and antennae, but the roach remains immobile and inactive. The third state is characterised by complete immobility, with the cockroach not moving at all. And this is the state that is likened to sleep in humans. During the day, cockroaches are either in the second or third state.

Can Cockroaches Harm You During The Night?

Roaches seem harmless, but this is never the case. Therefore, be wary if they infest your home. These filthy pests are disease carriers and spreaders. You can get sick when exposed to them. They can cause cholera and leprosy, among other illnesses. People living in homes with a cockroach infestation are highly susceptible to asthma and other allergic issues. Sometimes cockroaches infest air vents, making things far worse, especially if you have respiratory problems. Before you go to sleep, make sure you clean your face and hands to remove any crumbs because cockroaches like the German roach can bite as they feed on the free food.

Signs Cockroaches Are In Your House

Spotting cockroaches can be challenging because they are primarily active at night when you are probably asleep. But there are some signs they leave behind that indicate their presence. These include droppings that resemble specks of black pepper or coffee grounds and brown, oblong, almost translucent egg casings. Roaches also like inhabiting warm, humid areas like the bathroom, kitchen, basement, and laundry. They live and breed in such places, and there is where you are likely going to find them.

How To Keep Roaches Away From Your Home

Seeing one or two roaches moving around your house during the day indicates a cockroach infestation. There could be many other cockroaches in hiding waiting to come out when it is dark. Cockroaches breed rapidly, and you can find their eggs scattered all over your house. If not dealt with promptly and effectively, roaches can overrun your home within a short time. Take the measures below to avoid such a scenario.

  • Reduce litter and get rid of potential water and food sources. Do not leave scraps in the open, fix any water leaks, and keep wet items off the floor.
  • Check for potential entry and hiding spots and seal them off or apply an insecticide. Some of the places to caulk include cracks in walls and gaps around sinks.
  • Improve the sanitation in and around your home. Clean all drawers, counters, and floors and clear any dirt outdoors.
  • Vacuum your entire house regularly to get rid of cockroach eggs.
  • Dry all the moist areas like under sinks and around drains. And use a dehumidifier to remove indoor moisture.

Suppose cockroaches already infest your home, schedule professional extermination. A cockroach control expert can help out in detecting and eliminating roaches. They are well trained and equipped to ensure the cockroach problem in your home is a thing of the past.

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